The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water from Ananda on Vimeo.

The Memory of Water (working title) is a documentary about how Homeopathy is radically changing the way medicine is practiced all over the world.

The film focuses on Ananda More, a 37 year-old mother and Homeopathic practitioner in downtown Toronto who is at a professional crossroads. After 8 years of practice, she?s asking herself some hard questions: Is homeopathy what it claims to be, a miraculous and affordable medicine that could cure cancer, AIDS, and even the common cold while saving billions of dollars in healthcare? Or is she practicing a form of placebo and endangering patient?s lives by keeping them from conventional treatment?
With conservative estimates of over half a billion users worldwide, Homeopathy is considered the fastest growing form of medicine on the planet. This has inspired an enormous backlash from the pharmaceutical and medical community as homeopathy is increasingly used as an alternative to vaccination, AIDS treatment, cancer treatment and more. But the question is, does it actually work?

This POV documentary follows Ananda as she searches for answers and seeks to understand the scientific, social and economic forces affecting the delivery of medicine globally. Her goal is to go beyond the rhetoric and see what is happening in the field ? to go to places where homeopathy may be making the difference between life and death. In countries such as Brazil, India, Mexico and Cuba, homeopathy is integrated into the health system and covered by public health insurance. Ananda learns the role politics play. In the UK, the national health system is slowly cutting funding to homeopathy and shutting down homeopathic hospitals to great public outcry. While Switzerland, after a 10-year investigation, has decided to fund homeopathy as part of it?s public health care system.