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Homeopathy Direct is owned by Maggie Dixon and is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable homeopathy for the whole family.

We run a successful Post Graduate Training Programme for Homeopaths who wish to grow successful & sustainable practices.

What we do

what we do

Homeopathy Direct is run by Maggie Dixon and is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable homoeopathy for the whole family.

Maggie provides a flexible approach to homeopathy which can range from a quick 10 minute drop-in, a phone call for minor ailments to longer consultations for more chronic problems.

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Homeopathy graduate academy

Post-graduation homeopathy courses

Our Post-Grad training programme is here to?give you the confidence to turn your Homeopathic practice into a thriving business.?

You will learn effective ways to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in your undergraduate training to your your clinical practice. We will tailor this to meet the identified needs of each of our graduates providing lots of practical tips and protocols along the way.

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At Homeopathy Direct we provide various services including one to one consultation, online via Skype, family consultations, children’s drop in sessions, low cost clinics.

You can also book into our short courses for pregnancy, children’s illnesses, homeopathy in the home & women’s health.

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  • Reduce your dependency on long term medication
  • Helps to support the immune system
  • Gives you time to reflect on all aspects of your health
  • Widens your choices in looking after your health
  • Provides a different perspective on your beliefs about your health
  • Is a truly Holistic, person centred therapy
  • Has the potential to improve your overall health

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28 July

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What our clients say...

Maggie's treated me for a whole range of things over the past 10 years - everything from period pain and recurrent colds / chest infections to depression, recovering from bereavements and dealing with work problems.

L.G. Female 50

Maggie empowers you to believe in your own judgment, your own body's ability to repair and she educates you about illness. In a world where we want everything sterile and done by tomorrow Maggie is a refreshing anecdote.

C.D Female 42

Maggie is caring, understanding and insightful but also challenging when that is what's needed. We would, and do, recommend her to anyone and everyone.

S.W.Female 54

Maggie and Homeopathy helped me get off long term anti depressants which has given me a new lease of life. She imparts her own wisdom and looks deeply yet not intrusively to find exactly the right treatment I need at each stage of my journey

P.B. Female 49

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Feel free to email or call me anytime to discuss your homeopathic needs, book a consultation or enrol on our post-grad course

Telephone: 07940114236


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Weekly: Tuesday to Friday
Monthly: Saturday


Homeopathy Direct
18 Charles street, Bath, Somerset